How to get started with Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing: The future of Marketing

Nowadays you may be tired of reading the words ‘Digital Marketing‘ everywhere you are browsing in. But these popular words have changed the whole concept of marketing. You can get it from these words itself that what they mean; Digital Marketing refers to marketing and advertising through digital platforms, which includes the use of internet and messaging (SMS).

Digital Marketing is much advanced; it is now surpassing the traditional marketing, as the world is getting digital with the rise in the usability of cell phones & other digital gadgets. People are getting smart while using smart phones. They have apps to do any task conveniently.

Digital Marketing is the Future

Traditional marketers are switching to Digital Marketing, as people are adapting to the digital world. They hangout mostly on their cell phones, laptops, social media platforms etc. So there is a need to target the place where people hangout most & digital marketing is the tool to do that. In short, digital marketing is the future of marketing.

Getting started with Digital Marketing

Any one can start with Digital Marketing. One just needs to have a Computer with an internet connection & a dime. Internet is a plethora of information, all the necessary data to learn is available online.

Here are the tips for getting into digital marketing:

Learning from Google

Google has launched a course called Digital Unlocked for the people to begin with. Though it doesn’t cover the practical aspects, it clears the basic concepts of Digital Marketing.

The concepts include:

  • SEO i.e Search Engine Optimization,
  • Search Engine Marketing,
  • Email Marketing,
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Mobile Marketing

A question & answers session is carried out after every session you complete; & also a digital certificate is provided at the completion of the programme.

Learning from the Professionals

There are tons of professional digital marketers who share a lots of videos on the YouTube, showing how to practically get started with digital marketing & tools needed to implement it. Also you can get more info on their self hosted blog & learn a little more on the topic. You can follow the known personalites in this field like Neil Patel, Sean Azari, Alex Chris, Digital Deepak, etc. to get updates.

Learning from Institutes

Apart from learning on your own, you can learn by joining an institute which practically trains you on the various aspects of Digital Marketing. Learning from an institute will get you kick started with your career. There are many institutes in India which teach digital marketing; online or live classroom teaching, it depends on the institutes. Go for what you’re comfortable with. Check out for the balance of reputable & pocket friendly institute which provides you with the required knowledge. Get reviews before signing into the course.

After following the above tips, you can go ahead for an interview & showcase your knowledge along with your project or certificate; & get the job by impressing the interviewer by what you have learned.


Digital Marketing is all about experimenting, so it’s necessary to execute whatever you learn. Be it learning on your own or from any institute, just don’t forget to implement it. Experiment with the various tools available. Explore, learn & make a successful career in Digital Marketing.